IT recruitment specialists Computer Futures find that 52% of IT and Technology professionals in the UK are worried they will lose their job to AI and automation.


52% of UK IT and Tech professionals agreed that they were worried about losing their job or contract due to AI and automation. Just 26% disagreed.

Remote working ranks highly with 80% of respondents preferring that their next role allow them to work remotely. More than two thirds (74%) placed importance on their next role allowing them to work when they want.

Pay transparency is a high priority with 83% noting that it is important to know that they are being paid fairly. The same number (83%) stated it was important to know how much they will earn before applying for a new job.


The market study, How the STEM World Evolves, conducted by Computer Futures' parent company SThree in collaboration with insight specialists IntelliSurvey, reveals an interesting statistic. 52% of UK Technology professionals express fear over the potential job loss caused by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation. This finding sheds light on the apprehensions prevailing within the industry, highlighting the need for a deeper understanding of the impact of these technologies on the job market.


Though AI has been a key part of technology advancement for a number of years, the past six months have witnessed a significant increase in its prevalence. We are now seeing AI usher in a transformative era in the workforce.


Timo Lehne, CEO, SThree stated “AI and automation are causing a lot of excitement and nervousness about their impact on the global workforce. Public discourse shows a seesaw of acceptance and anxiety. As these technologies become a part of everyday life, it is important to understand how professionals may feel threatened and what they can do about it.”


As well as an apprehension surrounding AI, remote working continues to hold significant importance to UK IT and Tech pros with 80% stating that it is important that their next role allows them to work remotely. On flexible working, 83% of respondents stated that it is important to them that their next role allow then to work when they want.


Pay remains important with pay transparency noted as a high priority for the majority (83%) of UK Tech and IT workers, who are keen to see employer commitment to pay transparency & fairness. Job security also ranked highly with 87% of IT and Tech professionals stating its importance.


Purpose is a key motivating factor for UK tech workers. The majority (82%) of respondents stated that personal purpose in their work was important, while more than two thirds (77%) ranked their employer’s mission and values as important.


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To access the full global report visit: How the STEM World Evolves


Study methodology

The survey underpinning the How the STEM World Evolves study was conducted by IntelliSurvey, global insight and survey data specialists. There were more than 2,300 participants across the key markets of Germany, The Netherlands, USA, UK, and Japan. 518 respondents came from the UK with 213 working in Technology and or IT. The survey was carried out in May of 2023.